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Travel Expense Claim

Receipts and other supporting documents, including claims submitted to other sources for payment of the same trip must be submitted for all reimbursement requests filed on the Travel Reimbursement Request.  The following are examples of expenses that must be documented (receipts required).

First-class airfare, liquor/bar bills, valet services, traffic fines, personal insurance charges, and motorcycle transportation costs are unallowable. Tips are covered under the Incidental Expense Allowance.

To be reimbursed for travel expenses, the traveler prepares a Travel Reimbursement Requestform by itemizing all travel expenditures and attaching all required receipts and documentation.  The expense claim, signed by both the traveler and PI or designee, is attached to a completed SDSU Research Foundation Travel Reimbursement Request form, and then forwarded to the SR grant specialist for routing to SDSU Research Foundation's travel coordinator for processing.  Please note that travel reimbursements are normally issued to an individual requester, except in exceptional instances where the composition of the travel party requires a campus custodian to administer travel funds for several individuals.  When submitting a travel reimbursement claim involving multiple travelers, a travel roster is required in addition to the normal documentation requirements.  The travel roster must include the name of each traveler, amount of travel funds expensed for the traveler, and the signature of the traveler acknowledging funds expensed on her/his behalf.

Each travel claim is audited by SDSU Research Foundationís travel coordinator for compliance with SDSU Research Foundation travel policies. If a claim requires adjustments or corrections totaling less than ten dollars, the travel coordinator makes the adjustment and issues the check for the correct amount. On occasion, the travel coordinator may contact the claimant and/or SR grant specialist for clarification of expenses. The travel coordinator notifies the claimant of adjustments only when the adjusted claim amount is equal to or greater than ten dollars. In these instances, the travel coordinator forwards a copy of the claim and an explanation of the adjustment to the claimant. If the claimant is able to provide additional receipts and/or explanation for the disallowed expense, he/she may attach the additional documentation and copy of the adjusted travel claim to a new check request and submit for payment.

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