Features and Benefits


Sunwise Stampede consists of a variety of simple activities designed to encourage your visitors to wear protective clothing (like hats) and sunscreen, and to seek shade.

The program is flexible. Your zoo may choose the activities from the menu that best fit your goals, environment, and budget. And, if a particular activity does not quite meet your needs, we offer tips on how you can tailor it for your zoo.

The theme of the program is sunsafe animal adaptations. Examples of animals protecting themselves, such as elephants dusting, are used to peak children’s interest in the animals and then teach what humans can do to be sunsafe.


  • Lets your visitors, employees, and community know you care about their well-being;
  • Provides you with ready-to-use entertaining, educational activities for your zoo’s exhibits and, if applicable, your zoo’s website and newsletter;
  • May increase your sales of hats and sunscreens;
  • Will educate your guests about sun protection for their family, as well as for the animals;
  • May help prevent guests from getting sunburned and result in a more pleasant visit; and
  • Will raise skin cancer prevention awareness among your employees.